FPS370 - First Person Shooter Template in Java3D

FPS370 is an open source project started from a class taught at Chapman University. It started as an in class example and was filled in to show the various programming techniques required to create 3D games. The project was started in April 2006.


The purpose of the project is purely educational and is intended to distil down the elements required to create an FPS game engine into it's simplest elements. Object oriented elements are also limited as I would like the information imparted to transition easily into C/C++ development.

The project sources and distributions are hosted on SourceForge/FPS370.

Here are the change logs and some notes as development progressed.

Alpha 3 - Model Loading

Alpha 4 - Collision Detection and Picking

Alpha 5 - Other object collision detection

Alpha 6 - bouncing ball, arbitrary bounce

Alpha 7 - Firing weapons

Alpha 8 - HUD without transparency

Alpha 9 - Dynamic HUD


CPSC370 - Games Development
Chapman University
Instructor: W. Wood Harter
(c) copyright 2006 - W. Wood Harter - All Rights Reserved
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